La Quincaillerie
Fine Dining in Former Hardware Store


Fine restaurants are aplenty in Brussels; and so are out-of-the-box, somewhat quirky places. Finding both – good food combined with a special, different location – in the same place is not very common, though.

La Quincaillerie is a rare exception: It offers a top menu in the surroundings of a former hardware store.


It really is a one-of-a-kind kind of place: The restaurant looks nice already from the outside, but just wait until you see what’s inside. On the walls you can see the hundreds of drawers where once, in the hardware store, must have been screws and other little parts. In my view, they did a great job here turning this place into a stylish resto while preserving its old industrial charm.


The menu offers what you would expect from a top resto in Brussels: Fine fish, mighty meat and delicious desserts. Of course, the cuisine is adapted according to season, which means you get, say, lamb, or boar, or mussels at just the right time. We have also ranked it as one of the 5 Best Places for Moules Frites in Brussels.





La Quincaillerie is great for a posh night out, if you want to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just treat yourself.

They also offer a business lunch Monday to Friday: At 17,95€ for two courses (starter/main or main/dessert) it’s a steal.

When booking a table, ask for a place upstairs – I personally think it’s much nicer to be sitting up there, next to all those drawers, looking down on the entrance area. Don’t tell anyone we told you, but here’s a little tip:  Sometimes, when it’s not too crowded, they won’t open the first floor seating area for lunch. If you ask them nicely, though, they might just make an exception …

La Quincaillerie, Rue du Page 45, Brussels // Website

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