La Schaerbeekoise
A Beer with its own Museum


If you’re at a loose end next Saturday or Wednesday afternoon go to the beer museum in Schaerbeek ( it’s only open from 14.00 to 18.00 on these two days) and savour their own beer, La Schaerbeekoise, in a unique environment. I guarantee you won’t regret the experience.

When I saw that the beer, a strong dark ale, is brewed by l’Abbaye des Rocs I was immediately interested; the Abbaye des Rocs brune is one of the best Belgian SD ales and regularly finds a space on my beer shelf.

In colour the musem beer is a shade darker, more brown than amber with a similar tan head which sank pretty quickly. The aroma is predominantly of dark fruit with some alcohol ( 9.0% vol.).

A fruity almost cherry tang came first in the taste closely followed by a surprisingly dry malt husk. A chewy fruit mix (ripe dark plums and a little fig) quickly re-established some sweetness but it couldn’t hide a light background phenol element and a touch of wood.

Bitterness was almost non existant and the alcohol warms towards the end. A very good beer but not as complex and balanced as the abbaye des rocs brune. Nonetheless, a perfect companion for the museum tour.