Lale Pizzeria
Best Pide for the Smallest Budget


Finding the best Pizza in Brussels is a quest of many food bloggers in town. However, most focus solely on the Italian pizza, the “normal” pizza. Why not hunt for the best Turkish pizza in town, also known as Pide? This is a long, thin type of pizza with a slightly different dough and oriental toppings.

The best place to try your first Pide has to be at Lale Pizzeria on Chaussée de Haecht. Now you may not be all to acquainted with this street, one of the main arteries of the Schaerbeek district. It is busy and not one of the most picturesque roads, but it definitely has a lot to offer for hungry adventurers who love Turkish pastries, sweets, breads and also Pide.

Lale Pizza isn’t the place where you would come for a first date, it is more the place where you want to take your friends for a relaxed evening. The restaurant isn’t stylish or posh, it is very down to earth, a place for the locals.

Best to copy them: Most people drink cold Ayran here and share hot, fresh Pide from a wooden board. As we like a good variation we normally order half Pide, that way we can get to try different toppings. Three half Pide are perfect for two hungry eaters.

lalepizza3The house speciality is a Pide topped with mince meat, herbs and spices. It is good, but my favourite is the Eggplant-Pide. Vegetarians will love the Pide with vegetables too. They have a Spinach Pide as well, however, this one isn’t open but closed, to it is more like a Calzone or a Pasty.

All the Pide come with a mixed salad for the table and Turkish bread and dips too! (Make sure you leave room for your Pide:-)


The best thing is that this restaurant  suits even the smallest budget. You can eat here for around 15 Euros and leave happy and full. If you fancy a dessert pop into one of the bakeries nearby for some Baklava.

Lale Pizza, Chaussée de Haecht 129, Brussels /

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