Lasagna Tiramisù
Italian Classics at their Best


I appreciate it when things are straight-forward; I also applaud authenticity. This cute Italian place ticks both boxes, which – apart from the delicious offerings – is another reason to like it.

Calling your shop Lasagna Tiramisù when your specialities are those exact two Italian classics – I guess you will agree it does not get any more straight-forward than this.

As for the authenticity: Does it suffice to tell you that chances are pretty high you will enter the shop while one of the staff will shout something in Italian to one of their regulars?


Lasagna Tiramisù have two outlets in Brussels so far: They started with a small shop in Rue Stevin, right down the street from the European Commission, which means at lunchtime during the week the place is filled with eurocrats taking a break from their bureaucracy and getting some fresh air while wolving down some Lasagne.


The second shop opened only recently in Rue du Page, a few steps from Place Chatelain, which means you will still get a lot of expats, though in a more relaxed mood, since this Lasagna Tiramisù is only open for dinner during the week (Rue Stevin in only open for Lunch Monday through Friday) and for both Lunch and Dinner on Saturdays.


So far, we can only attest to the deliciousness of their Dolce (dessert): However much we have wanted to try their Lasagne, in the end we always opted for the sweet stuff instead.

Their Tiramisu is very Italian, very classic as far as texture is concerned, and rather diverse in taste: You can have the ‘classic’ Tiramisu as well as a number of other tastes, i.e. Pistaccio, Nocciolato, and so on – according to what is in season and what the chef feels like.

A piece of advice: Though the tubs don’t look that big, don’t be tempted to share one – as soon as you have had your first taste of it, you will want the whole Tiramisu for yourself.

Lasagna Tiramisù, Rue Stevin 82 & Rue du Page 31, Brussels // Website

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