Le Chou de Bruxelles
Treat Yourself to a Classical Belgian Menu


I read about the restaurant Le Chou de Bruxelles  a long time ago, shortly after arriving in Brussels. I wanted to take a friend there and googled it – and then decided not to, because the ratings weren’t all that high, while the prices were steep. What I didn’t realise was: I had googled the wrong place! Apparently there is a mediocre restaurant going by this name somewhere in Canada.

I was punished: I missed out on a treat for two years! Then one Sunday while wandering through Ixelles we walked past a cosy, cute little restaurant on Florencestraat 26 – decorated with all sorts of recommendations. And guess what it was called: Le Chou de Bruxelles! I was craving Moules Frites (one of their specials), so we booked a table  for the following week. (Note: You really ought to reserve, this place seems popular. We went on a Wednesday evening, the place was packed.)

Here I will let you into a little secret: I like to browse through menus before I go to places. And here I spent my afternoon coffee break trying to decide what I might fancy. All the dishes sound good – and the most of them are Belgian classics. The nice thing is, that the restaurant offers a very reasonable 3 course menu – for around 30 Euros (29 for most dishes, 31 if you have Moules). Whereas with most restaurants the courses are already limited, here you can chose from everything on the Menu. What a treat!

We went for shrimps and Carpaccio as starters, followed by Stoemp Royale and Moules Normandie (with Calvados, yummy!). By the way: Moules are served with a bib….I thought that a funny touch, made my feast feel like an “experience”.

For dessert we pigged out. A dame blanche and a café gourmand. The café gourmand is a good option if you are indecisive: it comes with a little chocolate moleux, speculoos ice-cream and other treats. Sooo good. I left the place full and in a good mood. (After I had gotten there soaked, it was pouring.) The staff was friendly too and for Belgium everything went reasonable quickly 🙂

Le Chou de Bruxelles, Rue de Florence 26, Brussels // Website