Le Comptoir
Burgers and Cocktails on Saint-Boniface


Rue Saint-Boniface is one of the places in Brussels that seem to be buzzing every night – rain or shine, winter or summer, there are always lots of people out for food and drinks. One of the places where it seems easier to get a table is Le Comptoir, a Cocktail/Burger place at the corner to Rue de la Paix.

For me, it’s the ideal place for a night out with friends or to grab a bite if you’ve been in town or to the nearby cinema at Porte de Namur. Le Comptoir offers a Happy Hour for cocktails and the menu mainly consists of burgers and salads. There’s also a mixed plate, which is great for sharing before the main course.

The burger was nice, but not something you would remember. No extraordinary ingredients or sauce – just a plain, good old-fashioned burger. The same goes for the salad: good, but nothing special.

Be warned that the service can be very slow – yes, even for Brussels standards – even when the place is not busy. One time we went there the two waiters stood with their backs turned to us, the only guests, for almost 15 minutes before we could order our second round …

Le Comptoir, Rue de la Paix 22 (Place Saint-Boniface), Brussels // No Website