Le Tavernier
A Relaxed Place to Chill


We have lived in Brussels for three years now, but somehow we haven’t really got to know the student district around Ixelles that well. (Does this mean that we are grown up?) We have been to El Café for a couple of drinks and had a light lunch at the Pain Quotidien close to the Cimitiere, but somehow the Chaussee de Bondael didn’t catch our eye. So recently, on a Saturday, we ventured out there to nose around. We discovered the yummy Asian restaurant “Le Bol enchanté” (Post will follow soon!) and the bar  – or should I say “Taverna”? –  “Le Tavernier”.

It has a little yard just off the street with light chains and quite a few tables and chairs. The nice thing is that there even is a covered part, so you can sit outside when it rains. (Smokers will appreciate this.)

We started off outside and then, when it got a bit chilly, we went inside. The bar area might seem familiar to you. This bar is run by the same owners as Café Belga, however, when you check the menu you will notice that it is a lot cheaper. We went for a Maredsous Brune and a glass of wine and paid less than five Euro.


Inside there is an area with tables and at the back are leather couches, if you are in the mood for kicking back. Upstairs there seemed to be a kind of dance area – it definitely was louder up there with less seats. (We were there at around 9 pm, so I presume the place turns into a party place the later it gets.)

The toilets are covered with graffiti and somehow a piece of art in themselves! This might not be the place you take your parents to, if they are on a visit. But it certainly is a place for a beer or two. Beware: If you are over 30, like us, you might start to feel a bit old! Drown those feelings in cheap drinks!

Le Tavernier, Chaussée de Boondael 445, Brussels // Website

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