Les gens que j’aime
Lovely hangout just behind the Bourse

In town (with “town” I mean near Grand Place, La Bourse) and feeling like a little coffee break? You don’t fancy one of the overpriced, full places with menus in five different languages and gross pictures of food?

Well then try this little gem: Les gens que j’aime. It is on Rue du Midi (Nr. 15) – it’s a bar that also has some tasty snacks on offer. (We didn’t eat there but the food did look quite good!) The place has a very cool and young, but also cosy vibe to it.
If you are lucky, you just might catch a place up on the gallery – in one of the comfy armchairs. (For the first half our there we sat upstairs, yes, but on wobbly, creaky school chairs waiting for one of the soft seats.)

The wonderful thing about this place is that you are in the middle of town, in the middle of the tourist area, but you don’t feel it. Ok, we did have some Germans sat next to us and an American couple opposite us, but there were plenty of locals hanging out here too. A perfect place for a break! If you want to take your laptop and get some work done, they have wifi too. We had such a lovely time that we stayed for a couple of drinks and ended up ordering olives, as peckish. 3 euros – but very tasty.

Great place!

Les gens que j’aime, Rue du Midi 15, Brussels // No website