Les Pénates
An alternative to Café Belga, Part I

I really love Flagey: The vast square with the chips-shop and the  two ponds close by – perfect for a short stroll after a long day. However, I had started to get a bit bored with Café Belga.

It’s a must see place – mainly because everybody knows about it/has been – but for my liking it is a bit overhyped, and too full at times. It’s the place to go to when you want some background noice.

If you are looking for a quieter option – and not a dubious/scruffy one – try Les Penates. It’s just off the corner, on Rue de Vergnies. In the warmer months their patio on the street is jam-packed. (Luckily they also have one out back!) If the weather ist too cold it is nice to  warm up inside – with a coffee or an infusion. Or better still: With some hot food. (It always smells lovely here!)

Les Penates does my type of food – antipasti, tartines, soups. I haven’t tried it yet – but it sure does look yummy. And the nice thing is, they have nibbles too – such as olives in garlic or carottes a la marocaine.

There also seemed to be a good range of organic wines on offer. Might try one of those out next time. This time I could only stretch to a Coca Cola for very (!) reasonable 1,90€.

Will be back!

Les Penates, Rue de Vergnies 42, Brussels // No Website