Les Super Filles du Tram
Super Salad, Super Burger, Super Duper


Last week was a little introduction to burgers near Place Flagey – we started with the Burger Republic at the corner of Flagey and Chaussee de Vleurgat. This time, let’s move around the corner into Rue Lesbroussart, where after a few steps we will find Les Super Filles du Tram – and, more importantly, an even better burger.

The paintings on the wall may be a bit over-stylish and the toilet wall being papered with post-it-notes written by customers may seem a bit odd, but the food is no-nonsense: Great burgers and, if you’re looking for the healthy options, marvellous salads. 

Let’s start with the burgers: Aside from the ‘classics’ they offer some interesting variations, like the champignon-burger, Le Guaca (with guacomole), as well as a chicken burger and one with salmon. I tried Le Classique, an old-school hamburger with BBQ-sauce and cheddar. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know by now that I have a soft spot for simple dishes done right – and this was one of them. The meat was tasty, the cheddar excellent and the composition with salad, tomatoes and BBQ-sauce just perfect. Throw in the better-than-average fries (served in a flower pot!) and it’s your perfect burger meal.

As for the salad: It could not have been better in a dedicated salad bar. The Vegetarienne was a huge portion with lots and lots of grilled vegetables (peppers, aubergines, courgettes, …), served with ricotta and balsamico dressing. Again: Nothing over-the-top, nothing luxurious – but just fine.

What was just as surprising, though, was the quality of the service. Both waiters were exceptionally nice, quick – and very attentive. We didn’t have to wait until we could give our orders, the drinks came straight away and the food soon afterwards. They checked back after a couple of minutes to see if there was anything else we might need and when we were done were quick to clear the table, offer coffee and desert and bring the bill – a combination which is rather unheard of in Brussels.

Our verdict: Super Filles du Tram is an understatement.

Les Super Filles du Tram, Rue Lesbroussart 22, Brussels //www.superfillesdutram.com