Lucy Chang
Come here for the Lunchtime Special

People who have been in Brussels for a while know: Wednesday is a “Chatelain-Day”. To be more precise: Wednesday the market is held on the Chatelain square. This market may not be the cheapest, but it definitely is one of the nicest markets in town. (Think of a market in the South of France! That’s what this one resembles.) However, the marché on Place du Chatelain can get rather crowded. And there are only a couple of stalls where you can buy lunch (i.e. a filled Crepes Maroccain). Mostly people come here to buy grocerys and to sip wine in the evenings. So where to go for a lunchtime feast? A friend introduced me to Lucy Chang just around the corner from Place du Chatelain.This is a lovely asian restaurant with a very sleak and inviting interior design and good food. It may be a bit more pricey  than the inner-city Asian restaurants (mainly because Chatelain is an upcoming, trendy area!), but at lunchtime it is affordable. Very affordable actually. They do a lunchtime special including a main dish (wok or thai curry), rice and a drink. The wok dishes are extremely healthy: They have veggies, shrimps and of course chicken too.  I ordered my greens spicy and with ginger to boost my immune system. My friend had a chicken curry. It looked a bit creamy for my liking – but she tucked in and seemed to enjoy it. The menu is very varied – you will find specialities from Vietnam, Thailand and Loas.

Don’t know if I would go there in the evening (when the good value-menu isn’t on offer). I might just switch to a fluid-diet at the market: Wine drinking!

Lucy Chang, Rue Americain 124, Brussels //