Café Maison du Peuple
What a disappointment!

We spent a lovely morning in the Marolles today. Although we had typical grey “Brussel-like” weather, it was lovely to stroll over the Place Jeu de Balle, hunting for nick-nacks. Around lunchtime the cold started to get to us. We decided to walk over to St. Gilles, as we hadn’t really been to Parvis de St. Gilles before. They had a little market on there. Not too exciting, but nice.

Instead of taking my food and drinks order in one go and then preparing the drinks, the waiter just wandered off after I had ordered the first drink, a chai tea. He made it, asked – in a very unfriendly way – if I wanted anything else… (I had two beers another tea and food to order)… By the time he had got my other drinks ready my chai was cold. And it didn’t taste of much either! Basically just like hot milk. Not much syrup or spice to that.

But all that would have been tolerable. Now comes one of the worst Brussels-Eating-Out experiences so far: We ordered a quiche, a salad and a panini. The waitress was all stressed out. She banged  the salad and the quiche down in front of us, went back to the counter to pick up the panini. She swirled around and dropped  the damned thing!!

Instead of apologizing she went off in a huff, making us wait for a new one. We wanted to eat together, obviously. We decided to just leave the panini and fill up on the other stuff. But the waitress wouldn’t let us cancel it. (Although I said that we were under slight time pressure and couldn’t wait!) I wasn’t willing to kick up a big fuss, so I sat back down at the table. Finally, the new panini came.  But instead of being filled with ham – like the menu had said  – it had salmon in it! I didn’t fancy salmon. And, personally, I don’t think salmon goes in a panini. (Panini ought to be with prosciutto or mozzarella!) When I told the waitress about the mistake she just said: “Ham is finished. We have changed the menu.” Or something in that direction. She spoke too quickly in French, as if she wanted to annoy me on purpose. I then had to go up to the bar and assert myself.

Apparently this is the way they go about at Café Maison du Peuple. They just change the ingredients (sandwich-fillings) without consulting you. You ordered a ham sandwich and get cheese instead? Ce la vie! You don’t like cheese?  Well, tough!

I have no intentions on going back there. But St. Gilles is nice, I will roam arround there some other time.

Maison du Peuple, Parvis de St. Gilles 37A, Brussels //

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  1. msjacksonrowe

    eek – thanks for the heads-up, that definitely sounds like somewhere to avoid!

    1. emily

      Well, we won’t be going back that soon. Such a shame as the place does look really appealing….oh well, luckily there are so many other nice places!

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