Malting Pot
Small Shop, Great Selection


We have already written about Beer Mania and Beer Planet – two of the best stores to buy Belgian beer in brussels. Both have a wide range of beers and you can rely on them having all the ‘usual suspects’ in store all the time.

But what if you want to go off the beaten track?

In this case, the Malting Pot in Rue Malibran is a good choice. It’s only a short walk from Place Flagey, so can easily get there – but most of the beer-seeking tourists won’t.

At the Malting Pot, you will find ~200 different craft beers, both Belgian and international. This is not the place to buy your Chimay Bleu or Westmalle Dubbel – instead you will find many, many beers you won’t have heard of, a lot of them not to be found in supermarkets or other beer shops. When we last visited, we were able to get hold of a Black in Japan, which now is listed as “sold out” on the manufacturer’s website.


Malting Pot, Rue Scarron 50, Brussels // Website