Marcel Burger Bar
New Meating Place near Chatelain


If you plan to open a Burger joint in the posh, expat-populated are around Place Chatelain, it better be stylish. The Marcel Burger Bar ticks this box: Notice, for example, that it’s a Burger Bar; also, its name hints at a story behind it: Who is Marcel? Is it the dog with the big head, that’s in the logo? Or is he Marcel’s dog?

We don’t know; we cared more about the burgers than Marcel or his bar.

marcelburger6The Burger Bar, which opened only this summer, has a modern interior; to me it felt like a mixture of a hipster diner and a fast food joint: Pieces of stylish resto furniture combined with paper placemats, simple tables – and not too much space between them.


On the menu, you will find classic offerings – a plain hamburger, cheeseburger or cheese bacon – as well as a chicken burger a lamb burger and even a vegan one. Sides include fries, sweet potato fries and coleslaw.

A nice touch: The waiter will suggest which beer to pair with your burger.



So then … what about the burgers?

To be frank: I wasn’t convinced.

Don’t get me wrong: The burgers we tried – plain, cheese bacon and lamb – were not bad. (After we got over the initial hiccup of what was supposed to be medium and what wasn’t). It’s just that they were not particularly good either. They were solid burgers; from a dedicated burger joint bar, though, I would certainly expect more.

I would like to be surprised by their menu (I wasn’t), intrigued by their presentation (not really), blown away by the taste (didn’t happen).

The conclusion: Go there, if you are out for dinner in the Chatelain area, and feel like having a burger. You can’t go wrong. For a truly great burger experience, though, we would recommend others, i.e. Les Super Filles du Tram, Houtsiplou or the Hard Rock Café.

Marcel Burger Bar, Rue Américaine 87, Brussels // Facebook-Page

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