Marché des Tanneurs
Go there, Go organic


Spring is here – or has at least poked it’s head it to say “hi”. It’s a perfect time to start thinking about being healthy (again). So some of you might feel like going organic. In Brussels you will find a couple of organic shops dotted around town. (Beware: Some at horrendous prices!) But one of the best outlets must be the Marché Bio des Tanneurs.


We discovered it quite by chance on a stroll from the Sunday Midi market, tucked away in the  side street Rue des Tanneurs. If you have got the right street, you can’t really miss ist as it is in a stunning Art Nouveau building Atelier des Tanneurs. The market was ever so inviting – with a wide range of fruit, vegetables, grains, breads, cheeses, joghurts, meat – all you can think of really. Oh, yes and they sell bottled juices and even organic wine, too. Not to mention nuts, dried fruits, organic chocolate….


You probably will want to buy up half the market and start munching  away on one of their yummy treats (I have been eyeing up the fig bread for a while) – so the chances aren’t that high that you will have room left for brunch. But if you are looking for a restaurant in this area there also is a Cantine in the Ateliers – serving lunches and an “a volonté” Brunch buffet on Sundays. (Haven’t tried that yet, though. It get’s rather mixed revues and the food isn’t organic.)

By the way: You don’t have to wait till Sunday to go to the Bio Marché. It is open Wednesday to Sunday.

Marché des Tanneurs, Rue des Tanneurs 60, Brussels //