Anderlecht Abattoirs Market
Grand, Chaotic, Marvellous


When you start talking to people in Brussels (note: I mean Expats), you probably will soon get talking about the market scene. Many have been to Chatelain (some only think it is on in the evenings in the summer! This is wrong), Flagey or perhaps St. Gilles. Those who have visited the Sunday Midi Market (post to  follow this Sunday) think they are adventurous. Well: They haven’t been to Anderlecht Market yet.

To get to the Anderlecht market you take the Metro to the station “Clemenceau”.  (If you arrive here on a non-market-day this area will seem quite scruffy to you.) It is impossible to miss the market, just follow the crowds: The “front” part of the market consists of some odd household goods, followed by fruit and veg. And more fruit and veg. In a covered area to the left are a couple of fish mongers and even one or two small eateries. (Don’t think of charm, but think of huge fish-platters.

Our favourite: The hotdog stand at the rear side of the market! We will write about that some other time.) However, this market isn’t the place to come for a morning chat and coffee, neither for a relaxing lunch…. Here it is all about cheap shopping.

Between the fruit and veg stands you will find olives and one or two (really not many more) bakeries selling mainly white bread like turkish flatbread and Crêpes marocains. (It’s the wrong place if you are looking for dainty eclairs.) Further into the market is where the hardcore trading starts: Fancy kids trainers, pyjamas, door knobs, taps, battery driven cats, dogs and  father Christmas toys.

Or how about an oversized bottle of washing up liquid, a family pack of shower gel?  Well, you will definitely find these things here – quite probably for less that ten euros. Personally, I prefer shopping in stores for quality products – but I love visiting the market just for the experience.

A not so pleasant experience is visiting the onsight “Abbatoir” – the slaughter house. I find it rather dubious that you can buy meat here for about 2-3 euros the kilo. But again: It is worthwhile seeing. (In my opinion people who eat meat also be able to see it raw/know where it comes from!)

As with all markets, we recommend going as early as possible. If you leave it till 11 you will find yourself being shoved around a bit…. And that might make the experience less memorable. If you can’t make it on Fridays, no worries: The market is also on on Saturdays and Sundays.

Anderlecht Marché des Abattoirs, Friday, Saturday Sunday, Metro Clemenceau or Delacroix // No Website