Market Place du Chatelain
The Wednesday Classic


The Chatelain-Market was one of the first markets we visited in Brussels. And, oh, how charmed we were by it! It is one of the “smaller” markets in Brussels and it is held on the Place du Chatelain, located just parallel to the vibrant Rue du Bailli. As soon as you get to the square you will feel the Francophone vibe – it seems as if you have arrived in Provence/France instead of in Brussels. (Providing the weather is according!)

Ripe fruit, colourful vegetables, smartly dressed women buying their organic supplies. (Note: Most of them are not French but expats. If you stop and listen you will hear English, German, Italian, Spanish etc.) You can buy all kinds of treats here: Homemade brownies and tarts, and of course a wide variety of bread, too.  (Friends from Austria swear by this market. They buy their Sourdough-Bread here.)

However, everything has it’s price: this market may be one of the quaintest, but it also is one of the more expensive markets in town. I like to call it “Expat-tax” or “Hipster-tax”. This area is en vogue, especially on Wednesdays: On sunny evenings the bars are full, many offer happy hours. It is the place to be – and that is why, personally, I try to avoid the market after 6 pm. That’s right: This market is open till late, until about 9 pm. And obviously the most frequented stalls in the evenings are those serving wine and food.

I would recommend coming around five, that way you probably will still get a stool at one of the tables and can sip your wine without being shoved about. Surprisingly the wine isn’t all that expensive. (Reasonably priced at about 2,50 – 3 Euro a glass.) If you fancy you can mop it up with a plate from the Thai-Traiteur or a stuffed Crêpe Marocain. One final tipp: Our personal favourite is the little waffle stand. We rarely pass it without stopping for an afternoon sugar-kick. Buy a small gaufre for 60 cents and nibble on it while strolling around the market. La vie est belle. Truely!

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