Market on Place Jourdan
Sunday Delight


When we moved to Brussels, Place Jourdan immediately appealed to us. Not because of its vicinity to the European Institutions but because of its rather French Flair: the little bakeries and the brasseries. And of course there is Maison Antoine. It can’t be a bad thing to live near a good chip shop, can it?

But one other thing we liked: the Sunday Market. How convenient to have a market selling fresh produce just outside your front door – especially on a day when shops are closed! (FYI: The Carrefour supermarket on the square is open on Sundays till lunchtime, too.)

The nice thing about this small market is, that it isn’t quite as trendy as the markets at Chatelain and St. Gilles. Food trucks haven’t really arrived here yet and the stalls are reasonably priced. My tipp: Have a wander around first, as prices can vary. My favourite stall is in the isle on the Carrefour-side of the square – just behind Maison Antoine: They sell all kinds of antipasti (olives, tapenades, sundried tomatoes) and also cheeses, hams and patés. Further along in this isle is a Greek stand, and a couple of nice bakery-stalls. (Try a Parisienne-bread from the bread stall just outside the Sofitel!)

I love this colourful market – at any time on a Sunday morning. If you come early, you can have the square to yourself. But it is also nice later on in the day: Have a coffee in the sunshine! On a rainy day  I recommend treating yourself to some flowers from the stall just outside Allemeersch-Bakery. Or: Why not a hamburger – Haven’t tried one yet, but those onions smell fabulous!

Market on Place Jourdan, Sundays until ~ 13.00 // No Website