Market Comte du Flandre
Feels like a little Holiday


If at first you don’t succeed try and try again – this could be our motto for the Molenbeek market near Comte de Flandre. Our first try was a bit of a miss – we wanted to go on a Tuesday. However, the Molenbeek market on a Tuesday is held at Place de la Duchesse (and a completely different story! Read here.)

So then the second time we managed to get the days right and went on a Thursday: A lovely sunny day. On arriving at the Metro Station (Comte de Flandre) we must have been so sidetracked by the hustle and bustle and the sun that we walked in the wrong direction. Well, not exactly the wrong direction – but we ended up at Parvis Saint Jean: on the market for household utensils and tacky clothes instead of at the food section. But it definitely was an experience. (If you go after 10 am be prepared to squeeze through the crowds!)

The pushing got a bit too much for us, so we jumped for one of the free tables at one of the cafés. I only realised after sitting down, that I was the only woman at the café. And one of few woman not wearing a headscarf.  I haven’t looked into the statistics but this area seems to prodominantly house immigrants. So the market has a great, multicultural atmosphere to it.

After getting our energy back (with a lovely, sugary fresh mint brew) we ventured back to the metro, not expecting a food market to come. (We bought mint at one of the corner shops – so fresh, so cheap!) And then suddenly we realised: The food market is above the metro station (between the two exits)… It would have been such a shame to miss it. Great variety of food – not necessarily organic but fresh and mouthwatering. Loved the tomatoes and the chili-dressed-black-olives. Yummy!

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