Market Place de la Duchesse
Welcome to a World of its Own


Ok, I’ll admit it straight away: When we went to the Tuesday Market at Place de la Duchesse (see map here), what we were really for was Molenbeek’s Thursday Market. Which is, as we later found out, somehwere else: around the Comte de Flandre metro station (see map here).

So we ended up at a different market then expected – very different, indeed. It has a pretty unique back-alley feeling to it, probably because the market starts down a little street leading away from Place de la Duchesse and then continues into another, even smaller one.

There are a couple of stalls selling fruit, vegetable and bread – but mostly this market is about cheap clothing, cheap plastic toys and (fake?) very cheap perfume etc. Oh, and there are a couple of guys without stalls, offering very cheap, possibly fake cigarettes.

Why go there, you ask? Well, it may not be your cup of coffee – but it is very authentic, in a way. No tourists here, no food trucks – just the whole neighbourhood out and about doing what looks like their big weekly shopping trip.

If you stop by, pay attention to guys walking very fast while hissing something to other traders, who then grab their belongings and leave – it’s usually a sign that the police is just around the corner and you may in a minute bear witness to a chase across the market …

Market at Place de la Duchesse, Tuesday Mornings // No Website