Market in St Gilles
Grocery Shopping and After Work Drinks


Think there’s nothing much going on on a Monday evening? Think again. Because every Monday, there’s a market going on in front of the Commune in St. Gilles.

Unlike most markets in Brussels, this one is neither designed to fulfill all your shopping needs in the fruit and vegetable department (although there are, of course, some stands that cater in that direction) nor is it half-filled with stands selling clothes, houseware goods and 1-euro-knick-knacks.

Instead, you will find a lot of food trucks here that will make you (want to) forget about your cooking plans for the night and have dinner straight here, at the market: There’s burgers, fish, meat, cold cuts – and, of course, lot of wine, bubbly and beer.

Things get going here at after-work drinking time, around 6ish. Get there early, if you want to avoid the crowds or to reserve a table for you and your friends. If the market gets too crowded for you, no problem – there are some cafes around the place in front of the Commune, and Moeder Lambic is just around the corner …

Monday Market in St. Gilles (12 > 19.00), Place Van Meenen // No Website