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Bibimbap - but not at its best

koreankitchen3Since in Brussels we have a new favourite food. No, it’s not Moules or Stoemp, it’s the Korean dish Bibimbap. We discovered this  healthy dish – a sizzling bowl of rice, topped with vegetables, egg and meat (if you like) – at Meli Mely. And since then we have spent quite some time hunting about for other good Bibimbaps in Brussels.

After trying Kimchi in the town centre, we headed over to Ixelles to Maru. It is on the Chaussée de Waterloo, very close to place Brugmann and hard to miss because of the huge sign above the door “Korean Kitchen”. Obviously, we did our homework before we went. The reviews were very reasonable, but people wrote that reservations were essential. Many people come here for a Korean Grill. (This is something we haven’t tried yet in Brussels.)


So we booked a table on a nice sunny day, and the waiter offered us a table outside. Yes! Of course. Unfortunately, the outside tables aren’t all that comfortable, as there is the loud street outside. Further, the interior is very stylish, the three or four outside tables aren’t really anything special. It turned out that reservations weren’t necessary, the place wasn’t too packed at all.

We were quick ordering. One vegetarian and one meat Bibimbap. Compared to other places the dish was rather expensive at 19 Euro. But, hey, we were there on a quest! Could this be the best Bibimbap in town? Well, it probably was the slowest. We had to wait for a very long time. When it finally came, the food looked rather good. Unlike Meli Mely the meat here is served raw, but as it is in the Korean earthenware bowls, it cooks directly in front of you.


The lovely thing about Bibimbap in a restaurant is that the waiter mixes all the ingredients for you. It has something very festive to it. Here, however, the waiter was too slow, so in the end there were quite a few burnt and over-cooked lumps of rice at the bottom of the bowl.

Taste wise the meal was good, the portions, however, left us hungry. This isn’t a good sign when you pay over 40 Euros for two dishes and two glasses of mineral water. We were still craving Bibimbap, so a couple of days later we went back to our favourite Bibimbap restaurant Meli Mely.

Maru, Chaussée de Waterloo 510, Brussels // Facebook-Page 

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  1. A Sticky Bun

    Best Bibimbap has to be Hana on Boniface (even if you have to mix it yourself)

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