Chocolatier Mary
A chocolate boutique for presidents


Walking around in the city centre of Brussels, especially in the area around Grand Place, it is all too easy to find yourself in a tourist trap. That is true for Restaurants as well as gift shops and, sadly, also chocolate shops, where you will find low quality at high prices.

To avoid this, it’s best to go for meals elsewhere and, chocolate-wise, stick to brands you already know are good – Neuhaus, Godiva, Leonidas, etc.

To give you a high-quality alternative, we would like to recommend chocolatier Mary.

They have a shop just around the corner from Grand Place at 28 Rue du Lombard, which is literally a two minute walk. There also is one in the Galeries St. Hubert.

The Mary-Chocolatiers have been making chocolate in Brussels since 1919 and their pralines can without doubt be compared to the big brands – taste-wise as well as price-wise. My personal favourite: The dark ones.

From me they get bonus points for having little signs next to every type of chocolate, explaining what’s in there – not all of the big-brand chocolate shops provide this little service and it can be very annoying having to ask the shop assistant about the contents of each and every little piece.

Mary became “famous” in the media, after George W. Bush bought his chocolates here on a Brussels visit.

Mary Chocolatier, Rue du Lombard 28B, Brussels // 

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