Matthew’s Meatball Recipe
Delicious Classic with a Twist

Meatballs ain’t just meatballs! There are lots of different ways to make your meatballs: we fry them or bake them in a yummy sauce in the oven. (We will post a recipe for meatballs in a chilli-coffee-sauce some other time!) And technically a burger ist a kind of meatball too.

Today, however, time is precious: That’s why I want to share an ultra-quick Meatball-recipe with you. In less than 15 minutes you can have a dozen of meatballs on the table. Perfect if you are planning a tapas-night. (The meatballs are also delicious eaten cold. So if you fancy, prepare them in the morning and have them as fingerfood.)

300 g minced meat (good quality, we prefere pure beef)
1 large egg
1-2 slices of white bread (from yesterday, crusts cut off)
salt and pepper to season
flour to roll your meatballs in
good quality olive oil

Put your meat in a mixing bowl, break the egg on top. Rub the bread between your fingers so that you get some nice fine breadcrumbs. Add the breadcrumbs to meat and egg, season with a bit of salt and pepper, give it all a good mix through. (Yes, you have to go in with your hands!)
Now poor some flour into a flat dish and start to heat a good amount of olive oil in your frying pan. (A deep one, like a wok-pan, is best.) Form little balls and gently roll them in the flour. By doing so you will get nice crispy brown balls. Once your olive oil is hot, throw in your meatballs. (Your might have to do them six or seven at a time, depending on the size of your meatballs and pan.) Fry for 2-3 minutes until they are nice and brown and irresitable! Enjoy!

Thanks Dad for teaching me to cook 🙂

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  1. goalkeepingitreal

    To really pimp up your meatballs, try adding in Cheese to the recipe or a nice spanish style sauce. Fry up Red Onion, Mixed Peppers, Choritzo, 2 cloves of Garlic and some red chilli (as much or as little as you want depending on how spicy you want it), once caramelised add some red wine and reduce, followed by a tin of chopped tomatoes, cook through and pour over your meatballs (preferably in to the pan they are cooking in…) enjoy 😉

  2. emily

    sounds yummy. We have a similar recipe for a chocolate and chilli sauce. We will post it soon!

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