Mellow Frozen Yoghurt
Made with Sisterly Love


We usually go to Place Londres – between Place Lux and St. Boniface – for a glass of wine in the early evening sun, but now there’s a whole new reason to go there even before the Happy Hours start: Mellow Frozen Yoghurt.


Noémie and Margaux, who call themselves the Mellow Sisters, have been serving Fro-Yo out of a bowl-shaped food-truck for two years and have very recently (two weeks ago, at the end of March) opened their first shop at Place Londres.


They kindly invited us to try their Frozen Yoghurt and we had quite an interesting chat with them, too (did you know that yoghurt based on soy milk is apparently rather difficult to freeze? I had no idea).

Their approach to Fro-Yo is very much straightforward: No self-service (a plus in the hygiene department) and only one flavour, natural full-fat yoghurt (“We only want to sell what we would buy ourselves”, they told us), which is served in three sizes.


On top you can have your choice of toppings and sauces (1 sauce with the small cup, 3 toppings with the medium-sized one and “all you can top” with the large), which range from fruity (mango, kiwi, raspberry sauce …) to chocolatey (crumbled speculoos, pieces of brownies, smarties, white chocolate pills …).

Oh, and for the finishing touches, there are sauces and syrups as well.


How does it taste, you ask? Very good.

The yoghurt was tasty, and both the fruity and the cookie/chocolatey toppings were excellent. The medium-sized portions made for a nice snack and at 4,20 € seem reasonably priced.


Go and taste for yourself at their shop on Place Londres or check their facebook page to see where the Fro-Yo Boule is to be found …

Mellow Frozen Yoghurt, Place de Londres 10, Brussels // Facebook-Page

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