Mer Du Nord
Great for Lunch on a Saturday


The 2nd Mer du Nord, on Place Luxembourg

A nice Saturday stroll from Porte du Namur down through Petit Sablon and Sablon and over to the Grand Place definitely can up your spirits. I then quite enjoy walking a little bit further, past the Bourse and over to St. Catherine. However, I do recommend making a detour to Mer du Nord at Rue St. Catherine 45.  (If you don’t find it: ask! It is an institution around Brussels.)

As the name suggests: It’s  all about fish here. Well, mostly. Next to lovely fish, shrimps and scallops (Coquille St. Jacques), you can also come here for a glass of wine – at any time of the afternoon and evening. You will soon notice: everybody seems to have a wineglass here, you will also spot a couple of bottles, as they are reasonably priced (13-15 Euros). Compared to the scallops (we know they have their price)  that is quite a bargain!

We tried the three scallops. What more ist there to say than: They were devine! Served with bread and a light,  buttery sauce with mushrooms. It definitely was a treat I won’t forget! (For 7,50 Euro  for three pieces we savored every bite.)

Now, in the pre-christmas period, it can get a bit full around that area (St. Catherine). But it has it’s flair and is worth visiting – whatever the season and whatever the weather!

Mer du Nord, Rue Sainte-Catherine 45, Brussels //