Market at Gare du Midi
It's Huge, it's Colourful, it's Great


There are a number of perfectly good reasons for going to the Sunday Market around Gare du Midi.

First of all, it’s a spectacle: Just walking through the food section, wondering what all these things are, hearing the neverending UnEuroUnEuroUnEuroUnEuro-shouting from the traders is an experience in itself, even if you don’t buy anything.

Of course, the market is great for actually stocking up on fruits and vegetables, too. There’s nothing you won’t find here – and usually at better prices than in any supermarket or at any of the other markets in town.

The flower section, too, would justify coming here on a Sunday – good quality, good prices and a little adventure for free when you try getting your plants home on the bus or metro.

Whatever your reason is for coming here, make sure you get here early to beat the crowds. Arriving between 9.30 and 10.30 usually is a good idea – or, if you want to speculate on lowered prices, come after 1 pm.

For me, the perfect Sunday at the Midi Market looks like this: Avoid the crowds and go straight to the corner of Avenue Fonsy and Rue de l’Argonne (see map here), where you will find a market stall selling olives, dried tomatoes, etc. Look behind the stall – it’s the only one at the market where you will see some tables and chairs.

On the backside, where the tables and chairs are, you can buy delicious, freshly made Crepes Marrocaine filled with honey, feta cheese, vegetables etc. and sweet mint tea. Trust me, nothing beats a fresh Crepe and tea in the sunshine in the most quiet corner of this bustling market. Far away from the action to enjoy your snack, but still close enough to get that market feeling.

When you’re done, throw yourself into the hustle and bustle along the fruit and vegtable stalls along Avenue Fonsy and round the corner along Boulevard du Midi. When you’re done with this, you’re good to go – the rest of the market is mostly a repeat of the food stalls you just saw, along with other traders selling cheap toys, handbags, etc.

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