Modeste Tripel
Nice Organic Brew



Many breweries augment their income by brewing contract beers; a good thing for many innovative brewers who otherwise would not be able to realise their creations. Many breweries in Belgium have started in this way, making the step to producing their own beers once they were a few steps up the beer ladder. For others, beer is not the main business, it’s part of a wide range of products.

Such is the case with Modeste tripel, one of three bio beer which nestle nicely in amongst the other organic products of the company Biofresh. 

The beer is brewed at the Strubbe brewery in Ichtigem (West Flanders), which produces a wide range of beers mostly only available in West Flanders. I haven’t yet tracked down one of their beers in Brussels but I’m sure it won’t be long. Interestingly, they were the first Belgian brewery to produce a near beer with just 0.3% Alc.

Modeste Tripel is nowhere a near beer with 7,8% Alc. Vol. It pours a nice golden colour with a light malty yeast smell. The taste had a refreshing fruit sour note to compliment the pale malt with a warming alcohol in the background. Enough bitterness to ensure a good finish.

A well rounded tripel that is pleasant to drink. I drank it as an accompaniment to mussles at the restaurant Le Zinneke in Brussels. The bio Modeste stays true to the restaurant’s aim to use organic ingredients wherever possible. The first organic belgium beer I’ve tried; it certainly wasn’t a disappointment; nor were the mussles, but that’s a different story.

By the way, Modeste has a bio wife, Alfoncine. As a beer she’s brown and strong ( 8,5% alc. Vol ) . The two of them have recently had a daughter, Camille. Keep your eyes open for the bio family!