Moeder Lambic
Drinking Beer with the Experts


You might have heard of Chez Moeder Lambic and you might have visited their brasserie in the town centre near the Bourse – and you might have been scared off by the hords of tourists – some with tour guides – trying to get their beer fix while on a “Europe in 40 days”-trip.

But did you know they also have an outlet behind the commune in St. Gilles?

You won’t find many tourists here, mostly locals meeting up with friends and beer-wise expats trying something new. The choice of beers is excellent and what I enjoy most – besides the beer itself – is that most (all?) of waiters are all beer experts and can tell you something about the brew you are enjoying – or help you choose your next one.

Beer tends to make you hungry? Then come on a Monday night when you can pop over to the St. Gilles Market betweend drinks.


Chez Moeder Lambic, Rue de Savoie 68, Brussels // Website