Swamp Beer


For all M*A*S*H. fans: This isn’t a beer drunk by Hawkeye and Trapper John in their ‘Swamp’. The swamp here relates to the region around Tourpes where the Dupont brewery is situated and the beer name is based upon the old French word for marshy land – moëne.

Until 1980 the beer was called “Abbaye de la Moinette”, a somewhat misleading name which certainly would have had to be changed when the designation certified Belgian Abbey beer was introduced in 1999. No abbey beer logo on the bottle, then, instead that of the Belgian Family Brewers.

The Dupont brewery is one of the oldest operating farm breweries in Belgium dating back to 1844. The Dupont name originates from 1920 when the premises were bought by Alfred Dupont for his son, Louis.

Earlier this year I described Dupont’s best known beer: Saison. I was impressed by that but Moinette is definitely the brewery’s real star.

An earthy grass aroma; grass and herbs comes through in the taste together with a lemon sourness; light malt and a fruity sweetness come next; a perfect balance of bitter, sour, sweet. In short, a strong blonde Saison .

If you want something just as strong ( 8.5% alc. Vol.) but a bit more refreshing than Duvel then this is it. A great beer! Certainly the exception to my rule last week that the great majority of non trappist beers are good but nothing more.


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  1. Mathieu

    nice beer 🙂

  2. Mathieu

    nice beer 🙂

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