Tricky name, great place


As food bloggers we are constantly doing research on great places to go to. And that is why we somehow just can’t understand how we could miss Nuetnigenough. This Belgian Brasserie is bang on in the tourist centre (it is just around the corner from the Manneken Pis) – but it is by no means a touristy, rip-off place with bad food and bad prices.

On the contrary: It could turn out to become one of our favourite Belgian restaurants. At the outset we went there for the beer. An acquaintance of ours had headed us in this direction, after we had talked to him about Belgian Beer for a long time. Nuetnigenough boasts a very extensive and unusual beer menu. Here you will find rare Saison Beers and obviously the Beers from the small local Brussels Beer Brewers, Cantillon and La Senne.


You can’t reserve at this place. So depending on what time you come, you might have to spend a short while at the bar. Make good use of this time and get the waiter to explain some of the beers to you! If you are uncertain which beer to go for, ask for a small taster. (They do that on all the draft beers, not on bottles, obviously.) Please don’t just go for the usual Chimay Bleu!

Standing at the small bar (it only is for 4 or 5 people) you get a good chance to see what the others are tucking into. It was love at first sight for Philipp with the Hachis Parmentier, basically the francophone version of Shephard’s Pie. He didn’t need to look at the menu, just pointed at our neighbour’s plate.


I am usually pickier. But this time I spotted a plate of meatballs being carried from the kitchen. I made up my mind in an instant.  It took a while for the food to arrive; the restaurant was still full although it was after 9pm. But when it came it was heavenly. The Broccoli-Stoemp was a great alternative to classic Stoemp (= Mashed potatoes). We also greatly appreciated the large green salad that comes automatically for each table.


What makes the food taste even better is the atmosphere. The brasserie is decorated with some lovely pieces of art. As a Fernand Léger fan I loved sitting under one of his reproductions.

Nuetnigenough, 25 rue du Lombard, Brussels //

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