Cute Venue for Weekend Brunch

No need to tell you about the best way to start a relaxing Sunday: Correct, with a lavish Brunch. In Brussels we have been rather busy testing Brasseries, Cafés and Markets – so we haven’t quite cracked the Brunch scene in this great city. So far we have only tried BlaBla Gallery. (By the way: When we talk/write about Brunch we mean a buffet-style brunch. We are not the formule-friendly type.) But, as  Brussels bloggers, we obviously have been following what’s going on – and after having heard so much about OMA (129 Rue Jourdan, St. Gilles) we decided to give the place a try.

They serve a buffet on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 10:30 onwards. And when you go here, please try to think Belgian. That means: Doors don’t open spot on but two, three minutes late. And when they do open that doesn’t mean that the buffet is already good to go: For ten, fifteen minutes food keeps rolling out of the kitchen – and nobody really dares to start. (Always that awkward moment at a buffet: Everyone wants to go first, but doesn’t want to appear greedy!)

Ok, so we went up as the second or third table. I tried to load up my favourites – as I am always afraid, somebody else might come and gobble it all up and there might not be any more. (Must be some kind of childhood trauma:-)) At OMA there is no need for such a worry: The staff seemed to be on top of everything – monitoring closely whether there was enough parma ham, cheese, pancakes, berry crumble, brioche, bread, salads (Note: There are quite a few. My favourite: Quinoa salad with chestnuts and butternut squash. Yummy!) In the Bain Marie they were serving scrambled egg, litte sausages with a hint of honey flavour to them, new potatoes.) Oh and I have forgotten to mention the fruit salad and the (creamy, creamy) Greek Yoghurt. Sounds like a heavenly place, well it is.

However, one  downside: Like one would imagine heaven – the place gets rather crowded. OMA doesn’t have too many tables, so it definitely is wise to reserve! And you have to be prepared to have table neighbours quite close by. Hopefully yours will be a bit brighter than ours: The bloke next to us moaned about the crockery not matching. Hey, wise guy, that’s the concept! All plates and cups look like from a jumble sale or from grandma’s cupboard. (Oma means Grandmother in German.) We like!

The staff was friendly, coming round from time to time asking whether we were ok. There isn’t much OMA could do better – apart from perhaps offering a bit more space and some free filtered water. Oh, and a bit of chocolote wouldn’t go a miss – think Brownies or just a pot of Nutella.

Go and see – I  mean: eat for yourself! Have a nice weekend!

OMA, Rue Jourdan 129, Brussels // Facebook-Page