An Oasis in the City


It was actually one of our visitors who discovered the Orangerie on the internet – she was looking for places to go for Brunch in Brussels. When she visited we ended up at the BlaBla-Gallery on the Sunday (a nice Brunch, too)… and never really got round to following up on the Orangerie.

Then, however, we read about Parc d’Egmont in some of our Brussels guidebooks (since we live here people seem to think it is a creative present!), so we set out to find this lovely little park. It is very close to Louise and Porte de Namur, so rather central. And you won’t notice it at first. (Some people mix it up with Petit Sablon, but these two green spaces are rather different.)

In the Parc d’Egmont you will find the Orangerie – a café/restaurant with a nice terrace. The ideal spot on a summer day. On Sundays L’Orangie offers a Brunch. We haven’t tried it so far. But a lot of the reviews on the internet are good.

We went for coffee. Note: The cappucino here is a Belgium cappucino meaning it comes with cream. If you want froshy milk you will have to ask for mousse de lait! (As in many other places in Brussels.) We were served by a girl with a badge saying “I am learning” so we were patient and didn’t mind the wait.

You might be wise to reserve a table if you plan to go for Brunch!

L’Orangerie, Parc Egmont // Website