Authentic Greek Food in Ixelles


Are you in the mood for a Greek meal? I mean a real Greek meal, as in an authentic Greek meal. Not the touristy stuff you get in town – in the “Greek Street” on Rue du Marché aux Fromages: I am talking about the real stuff. A place with a menu written (also) in the Greek alphabet. With dishes you may never have heard of before (i.e. dried, salted veal baked with cheese). Then the Ouzerie might just be a place for you. We discovered it while wandering through Ixelles. It was closed at the time (afternoon), but somehow it caught our eye. We crossed the road and looked at the menu. It seemed interesting and above all rather cheap. So the following Saturday we took our friends there.

The restaurant opens in the evenings at 7 pm. We had only had a late breakfast on that day, so we were rather hungry – and the first guests. That definitely was a plus. A waiter and a waitress were hovering over us, brought us nibbles (olives and pickled peppers) and fresh bread. The drinks came rather quickly too, so did the food.

So how did we enjoy the food? Well out of four of us the opinions were rather mixed. Personally I loved my squid. (Pricy though at 10 Euro with no side, not even a garnishing salad.) And the bread-tomato-fetacheese salad a friend ordered was good too. The mussels were…well, they weren’t the typical Moules Frites you get elsewhere in Brussels – but we weren’t expecting that. In a Greek restaurant! For my liking there was a bit too much feta on the mussels though. The lamb kebabs were good, or lets say adequate. Nothing special but definitely edible. We had a great evening there – but in retrospect I am not sure whether it was because of the food or just because I was enjoying the company. (We hadn’t seen our visitors in a while.)

After paying we realised that there is no such thing as a free lunch: It turned out that this place is slightly overpriced. I hadn’t realised – sidetracked once again by all our chatting – that my side (a small dish of green steemed veg) cost 6 euros! Rather steep!

What was a shame was that the service let down the fuller the place got. We had to go up to the counter to finally pay. (After asking repeatedly!)  I have been to Greek restaurants where the service is outstanding, where you get a little shot of Ouzo or a coffee on the house. Nothing like that here, not even an after dinner mint.

However, as mentioned above: You definitely will be better off here than in town. I have another Greek restaurant on  my list: Zorba le Grec on Place Jourdan. I will keep you posted once I have tried it. I also want to try out Strofilia.

Ouzerie, Chaussée d’Ixelles 235, Brussels // Website