Parlor Coffee
You deserve a good brew!

parlourcoffeeOn our mission to track down cosy cafés in Brussels we came across Parlor Coffee. It is on the  Chaussée de Charleroi, slightly out of the way for us. (But who cares? We are on a mission:-)!) We had a bit of work to do, so we packed our laptops into our rucksacks – somehow already presuming that this place would be a nice place to work. And: We weren’t dissappointed.

The café looks tiny from the outside. You might even consider it a bakery as the shop window is full of baked goodies. On stepping inside the next thing you notice is a huge coffee machine just screaming that this place knows how to make coffee. For all those espresso lovers, I am sorry but I have to let you down: We can’t comment. We went for filter coffee. (Served in a cool little cafetière.) People who know their stuff can chose filter coffee from two different countries.

Behind the counter is a spiral staircase that leeds to an additional upstairs seeting  area, our favourite spot. There are also ground floor tables and even a little garden in summertime. All in all the place has a cosy, homely feeling to it. The staff definitely pays a lot of attention to details. Loved the mug with a picture of a horse (*Update: As a reader points out, it’s actually not a horse, but a character from Moomin! Thanks, Saku!) powdering its nose! A shame this place is so far away from our flat.

Parlor Coffee, Chaussée de Charleroi 203, Brussels // Website