Passion Chocolat
Sweet Seduction

Need a positive boost on a grey, grey day? My  advice: Get  yourself a chocolate fix! Maybe from our latest discovery: Passion Chocolat. Passion Chocolat is a fairly “young” brand – established in 1998. Their main shop is on Grand Sablon (they also have another outlet in Woluwe-St.Pierre.) It is a very tiny boutique at the top end of the square. When we visited on a Saturday there was a lot of hustle and bustle. 

Why were the people crowding around the counter? Because the shop assistant was giving away free treats. Every guest was allowed a pick of choice. (Obviously they do expect you to buy something after this!) We bought a small bag of five pralinés – very yummy! Especially the Mousse au Chocolat-Praliné: This is a little chocolate cup filled with creamy mousse. To die for!

Not all sweeties were to our taste. The Amaretto-Praliné was a bit sweet and didn’t have that much of an Amaretto taste to it. But other chocoholics probably love it. That’s the great thing about Belgian chocolates: Every different praliné is a new adventure! No risk, no fun!

Passion Chocolat, Rue Bodenbroek 2, Brussels //

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  1. Very Hungry Explorer (@VHungryExplorer)

    I can see the Woluwe Saint Pierre shop from my apartment… their chocolates are soooo good, I find it easier to just keep my curtains closed so I’m not tempted to pop in!

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