Pastelaria Garcia
Portugese Patisserie


Yes, Brussels is a great place for all of you with a sweet tooth. (And of course also for those of you with a savoury tooth.) On every corner you will find a Boulangerie/Patisserie boasting great pastries and cakes. And, personally, I don’t think you can have too many Pain au Chocolats. However, just in case you get bored, we recommend trying Pastelaria Garcia. This is a little Portugese Café on the Avenue de la Couronne.


If you are in this area often, you probably will notice the lovely Art Nouveau-window. The place really does look like something from the early 20th century. Inside you will find a weird mix: As this is a Portugese place, the owners have kept the interior design in blue and white – with some lovely tiles. There are wrought iron chairs, that could give the place a cosy feel. However, as this is Brussels, this location also has a certain amount of shabbiness to it. (Not in a bad way, though.)


But let’s get down to the important things: The reason to come here is for the pastries. This is the place to come to if you are craving Pasteis de Nata, the lovely sweet custard filled tarts that are a speciality in Portugal. By experimental and try one of each cakes. (You can afford it here as the Pastelaria Garcia is exceptionally cheap for Brussels.) I absolutely fell in love with the Pasteis de Tentugual, filo-pastry-rolls filled with a custard filling.


It may not be the cosiest place (it could do with a different counter and perhaps different lighting), but it is authentic and not quite as “hip” as Forcado in the Chatelain Area. A further plus: It is only three steps away from the Fritkot Bompa. So you can come here for dessert!

Pastelaria Garcia, Avenue de la Couronne 75, Brussels //

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  1. The Sticky Bun

    Excellent place. Sunday brunch a real pleasure; bifana and a cup of coffee followed by a nata (or two)

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