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For a few months I have been eyeing up fruit tarts: There are some great ones around – not just the usual apple or strawberry tarts. At a good Patisserie you can also get gooseberry tarts, rhubarb tarts, blackcurrant tarts and lots more. But it is well worth hunting around a bit to find a reasonable deal.

Note: Tarts can be rather pricey. (i.e. the tarts at the French chain “Paul” are rather expensive. A large rhubarb tart will cost you around 20 Euros. We are talking about a cake here!) And also the Boulangerie Allemeersch  and Au Vatel around Place Jourdan have costly options.  So that’s why I recommend trying Ixelles for tart-treats.

The Patisserie Renard (Place Fernand Cocqplein  3, this is on Chaussée d’Ixelles) does fantastic tarts in different sizes -so there will definitely be something to suit your budget.


The small tart is under 5 Euros. It will suit you perfectly if you have no more than four people to treat. (You will get four nice large pieces out of that. The two of us shared it over the weekend.) Then there is a medium size for around seven Euros and a large size for ten. (Note: Here you get the same size tart for 10 Euros compared to other places for 20.)

It is impossible to not find Patisserie Renard – you just have to notice their shop window with all those cakes. Inside there are a lot more goodies, I really want to give the danish pastries and eclairs a try. The tarts come in a nice little box, even with a ribbon around it.

I must say I found it a bit petty to charge me extra for a plastic bag. But I am used to it here in Brussels. One tip: Carry your box home carefully. I had mine a bit lopsided in the bag and the juices wet the box. (The tart was fine, but box and bag were rather yucky.)

Pictures of their cakes can be found here.

Here is an update on the above post: We have now also tried the Rhubarb-Tart. It was fab! There seemed to be more fruit on this tart. But we prefered the taste of the gooseberry one!

Renard, Place Fernand Cocq 3, Brussels //

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  1. bxlblog

    I have been to Renard and have mixed reviews. The prices are reasonable, but the tarts are sometimes too creamy for my taste (the apple tart, for instance). I have tried a lot of patisseries in town and the best one by far is Yasushi Sasaki – it is truly amazing. I finally wrote about it recently:
    Enjoy! Twitter: @lifeinbxl

  2. philipp

    Thanks for your comment! Haven’t tried the apple tart yet – we found both rhubarb and gooseberry amazing, though. Will try the Yasushi Sasaki soon!

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