After-Work Drinks in a Bookshop


Are you bored of the usual after-work-drink venues in the EU-district? Well, then think out of the box and go for a drink at a bookshop. No, you haven’t misread. Piola.Libri (on Rue Franklin 66) is a bookshop – but it is so much more. It is a café, a small bar, a restaurant and also a venue for readings and small concerts. Don’t be put off by the Italian name. Yes, the books on sale are in Italian (or most of them), but what difference does it make if you come here for a drink? You won’t need to be able to speak the language for this!


The place being Italian is actually a real bonus: they have great wine (the house-wine is good and very drinkable, but if you fancy a larger choice just pay those couple cents more for a large variaty of reds and whites.)

We went to Piola Libri at around six and were greated with a wide spread of free fingerfood at the bar: With your wine you can nibble on fluffy white bread,  olives, cheese and even cold pasta salad. (We are not sure if the team at Piola.Libri offers this every day, but why not go try it out for youself…!)


If there is no apero-hour on then you can treat yourself to homemade food. Tiramisu for those with a sweet tooth – and I also spotted my favourite Italian dish on the menu: Aubergine Parmigiana. Maybe I will go and give it a try sometime soon.


Obviously this place is a good option for coffee, too. You will definitely get a great Italian espresso here!

There is wifi as well, for those who want to get some work done here.

Have fun!

Piola.Libri, Rue Franklin 66, Brussels // www.piolalibri.be