Piraat Tripel Hop
Drinking with the Pirates of Ertvelde


Belgium is not a country one immediately associates with pirates. A few years ago a Belgian ship was seized by Somali pirates, closer to home though you’ll find a few: There’s the American Football team in Ostend (Ostend Pirates), the pirate political party and the there’s Piraat beer from the village of Ertvelde near Ghent.

I could imagine all the above pirates would enjoy this one. It pours with a good off white head and a lovely amber colour; smell it and you get a a hint of what’s to come. Strong in alc. ( 10.5 alc. Vol) malty sweet , fruity hop bitterness. All in all a powerful beer.

Like many other breweries in Belgium, van Steenberge evolved from a farm where beer was produced for own consumtion. Brewing became increasingly more important, taking over completely between the world wars when the remaining agricultaral activities were abandoned.

Unlike many simlar breweries they survived the turmoil of WWII and the following period, concentrated on top fermented beers and developed into the modern independent brewery of today with a production of 68000 hectolitres.

Piraat tripel hop is a further development of Piraat beer; supposedly the same strength and body but more hoppy bitterness. I haven’t tried the Piraat but in all honesty I think less bitterness would be a detriment. Then again, I suppose many pirates would disagree. To be sure I’ll just have to try the ‘normal’ Piraat!

Happy beer drinking!