Pirates of Ertvelde, part II


Last September I featured Piraat triple hop from van Steenberge; a beer to my taste. I said then that the triple hop was a development of the ‘normal’ Piraat; apparently the same strength and body but more hoppy bitterness. I thought less hops than the triple hop would be a detriment.

So was I right in my judgement; what’s the better beer, Piraat or Piraat triple hop?

As one would expect the Piraat looked pretty much the same in the glass; a thick off white head and a lovely amber colour; the yeast, malt and ripe fruitiness come right at you and theres’s no denying the strength ( 10.5% alc. Vol.) The flavour is also on the extravagant side; honey -like malt which unfolds to give ripe exotic fruit and some pepper and grassy tones. Bitterness is very subdued.

What spoilt the beer for me was a fairly intense medicinal phenol element which didn’t come through in the bitter version. As that died down the flavours tried to reform giving a not unpleasant almost dry grassy aftertaste.

A big beer but not to the taste of every pirate. I’ll stick by the triple hop.