Pizza Liloo
A Neighbourhood Favourite


Why is it that all my favourite restaurants are closed on Sundays? And: Why is it that I always fancy going out for a meal exactly on a Sunday? Well maybe it is just my fate. Maybe somebody is trying to tell me that it’s my job to go hunting for nice Sunday venues. After having found La Boussole, a quaint little place near St. Catherine, I now came across a great little Pizza joint in Etterbeek.  If it weren’t one of the few pizza places (if not the only pizza place) open on a Sunday in my area, I may never have discovered it. Pizza Liloo is on the Chaussée de Wavre (Number 580). So basically it is between Place Jourdan and La Chasse. There isn’t really too much to see in that area, I normally bus through. But the website convinced me. I rang and booked a table.

The waitress seemed terribly friendly. She wasn’t just polite on the phone, when we got to  the restaurant we were served straight away and with a smile. The pizzas were made right in front of our eyes. (The restaurant only has about 6 – 8 tables, the wood-fired oven is right behind the bar.)

The pizzas were fresh – with only fresh toppings. (No tinned mushrooms i.e.) They weren’t overly big, but we were full enough. We had ordered a side salad as well. (It wasn’t on the menu, but they made it especially for us.) The house-Rosé wasvery  enjoyable, too. On leaving we were given two little sweets. A nice gesture. I definitely want to go there again. I just might make it my local pizza joint!

Pizza Liloo, Chaussee de Wavre 580 //