Your Round-The-Corner Pizza Place


Yes, it is nice to go to that stylish Italian place the whole town is talking about. Sure, it is fun to try that hipster pizzeria that offers artistic creations and combinations you have never heard of. But every so often, the best thing is to go to your round-the-corner, no-frills, old-school pizzeria. And if you are in that mood, Pizzicotto (on Rue Malibran, at the corner of Place Flagey) is the right place.

We stumbled upon it one day when we were on a looooong outing to Uccle, which got even longer when the tram that was supposed to bring us back to our corner of the city stopped running. So there we were at Place Flagey, finally: tired, hungry and with no clue whatsoever where we would get a decent (large, if possible!) meal at 10 pm. And that’s when we saw that while all the other places were about to close (their kitchen), there was still light on in that little pizza place.

In we went – and stuffed we got. The pizzas are not only great, but delicious – in a simple way. The service is ok while not overly friendly, and they have a wood-fired oven – what else could you need? All in all, it’s not the Italian restaurant you go to celebrate or propose – it’s the one you go to when you want to have dinner at home without cooking.

Pizzicotto, Rue Malibran 20, Brussels // No Website