Place des Chasseurs Ardennais
Friday Market in Schaerbeek

chasseur1One of the things we love most about Brussels is the fact that there are so many markets. You literally can visit an outdoor market on every single day of the week and buy fresh products or just enjoy the colourful atmosphere. A colourful market can turn a simple square (or car park) into a real oasis. And sometimes, if you close your eyes, you might feel as if you are on a short weekend-break in the Provence, not in a large town like Brussels.

Some of the markets are held in the early evening – so they are great places to meet up for an afterwork drink.The most popular afternoon/evening markets (among expats) are definitely St. Gilles-Market on Mondays and Chatelain-Market on Wednesdays. However, they sometimes get a bit full for our liking.

We prefer to go for a more relaxed glass of wine in Schaerbeek. On Fridays a rather extensive market is held on the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais. You might not have heard of this square, but it actually isn’t too far away from the European Institutions and from the district Etterbeek, where we live.

chasseur3chasseur2If you are a market-regular in Brussels then you will probably recognize some of the stalls. It actually is great to get some of your weekend shopping done – you will find everything from cheeses, hams, fruits, vegetables, breads, cakes and flowers. There are a couple of brasseries around the square, but personally I prefer going for a drink at one of the wine stalls at the top end of the square. They also serve snacks to nibble while you are drinking. What a great way to finish a hard week of work!

chasseur4chasseur5Marché Place des Chasseurs Ardennais, Friday 3 – 9 pm, Brussels // Facebook-Page

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