Play Label Rooftop
Relax on top of a Bowling Alley

crosly1Bowling alleys usually have something in common: They aren’t necessarily the most charming places. There always are screens showing you the score, quite often there are large – and loud – groups. Nevertheless, from time to time we love to knock over some pins ourselves. Unfortunately, we haven’t found the time to go bowling in Brussels yet. However, we have managed to visit Crosly: Bowling, which is only a couple of steps away from Sablon. We didn’t go there for the sport but for the rooftop bar.


For the last couple of years the Play Label Rooftop Bar has opened its terrace and turned a rather mediocre bowling alley into a trendy place. Depending on which mood you are in you can either go there to an After work-Event and mix with the crowd (note: it does get rather full), or you can go after a  bit of shopping or sightseeing in the early evening. If you are lucky you will have the terrace to yourself. 


This is when we like Play Label Rooftop best. In the early evening the Bar on the rooftop is closed and one has to get the drinks from the bar on the ground floor. But don’t worry, there is a lift. The drinks menu is reasonable – the chilled wine went really well with the view of Notre Dame de Chapelle. (And it was rather decent.) Make sure you check the price list: Trappist beers for example are really overpriced!


The bar has some comfy deckchairs – so if you are up there on your own just lay back and enjoy the view. Or take a good book with you. Later on in the evening the cocktail bar opens – and the place gets a hipper vibe. Check their facebook-page for events and parties.  Remember that this bar is only open in summer – so you better go and try it out soon!

Play Label Rooftop, Boulevard de l’Empereur 36, Brussels // Facebook-page 

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