Pizzeria Positano
Come for the pie, stay for the wine

Tucked away in Rue de Pascale you will find this authentic Italian restaurant. We got there too early for Italian standards: At 7:30 pm the restaurant was still rather empty, but it soon filled up – with Italians. Always a good sign!

We just hat time to nibble on the yummy tomato-basil-bruschetta, before the pizza arrived. Very pronto!

Our pizzas (Quatro Stagione and Vegetale, both approx 10 €) were  piping hot when they came and the toppings were fresh. No frozen or preserved vegetables. (Nothing worse than tinned, third quality mushrooms on a pizza!) Good quality ham and mozarella.

The waitress was friendly, let us order in “Pigeon-French”. (She didn’t switch straight to English – a nice move!) However, she did forget the mixed salat. When the small bowl finally came it was a bit of a disappointment: A green salat with three slices of tomato is hardly a mixed salad! And for 6,90 € rather pricy.

The size of the pizzas was reasonable, but we weren’t overly full afterwards, so we wandered down to Place Jourdan in search of a dessert. (The Italians on the table next to us did it Italian style: Primo Piatti: Pasta, followed by a main course.)

Oh, and by the way:  The house wine (red) was excellent at Positano.

Positano, Rue de Pascale 20, Brussels // No Website

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  1. Mimmo

    I think you meant “quattro stagioni” and not “Quatro Stazzione” (which means four stations). 😀

    1. philipp

      I guess you are right – our Italian is not too good, you see, but we love the food 🙂

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