Posto al Sole
Good Pizza, Bad Service


Do you have your favourite local Pizzeria? We certainly do: Pizza Liloo is quite close to our house, personally my favourite Pizza place in town. As it is only open in the evenings, we also have a nearby Pizzeria for lunchtime: Il Sorriso. However, this Italian restaurant can get a bit crowded at lunchtime, as it is an authentic place the Italian EU-staff loves coming here. So recently we decided to venture out of our comfort zone to track down some good pizza. For months we had “Pizzeria Posto al Sole” on our list, after discovering it on one of the Brussels Food blogs.

St. Gilles (Chaussée de Forest 122)  is quite a hike from us, so it took us a while to summon up the energy. Because of the long journey we got there at 1:30 pm,  just as the other pizza lovers were eating their last pieces of crust. We didn’t have to wait long to get a table by the window. I felt at home straight away – but then, quite suddenly, the cosy feeling vanished. The other guests left, we were the only costumers and nobody really took any notice of us. The waiters acted as if lunchtime were over.

We got up to get a menu (at this time there was no waiter in sight) and browsed through the extensive list of pizzas. We chose a Quattro Staggioni and a pizza with prosciutto, parmesan and rocket.  We finally managed to get the waiter’s attention. He was joking around with two girls, also staff. Luckily my glass of wine didn’t take that long to come – and I was in a better mood. However, only for a short while.

When the pizzas arrived I found myself looking at a completely different pizza to the one I had ordered. The waiter tried to tell me that it was the same only with extra spinach. I was ravenous by this stage and didn’t want to wait. I accepted the pizza. But then I discovered Salami – no sign of Parma ham , no sign of parmesan. It was an entirely different pizza. The waiter didn’t apologize, only grumbled when I said I wanted a new one. The cook already had his coat on. (It was 2 pm! So still a fairly normal time for lunch.)

Eventually I got my pizza. It was very yummy, that is if you like the thicker style of pizza. Personally, I prefer thin crust pizzas. I would have enjoyed the pizza, however, if the waiter hadn’t  turned up loud techno music. (He acted as if we weren’t there.) The wood fired oven that had given the place a cosy feeling was off now and all in all we felt rather unwelcome. When it was time to leave we handed the waiter  a credit card. There was no “Sorry, unfortunately we don’t accept credit cards”, instead we were grumbled at again. And when we didn’t give him a tip we just received a glare.

I really was disappointed by this visit as I had had very high hopes. I don’t know if I will go again. If we do go, we will go on a nice summer evening. The Pizzeria is on a small square and I have heard that it is really nice sitting outside on the terrace.

I might however give their second joint a try: the Rosticceria da Momo which is in St. Gilles. I have seen long queues at lunchtime there, and happy faces. I just hope that the staff is friendlier.

Pizzeria Posto Al Sole, Chaussée de Forest 122, Brussels // Website