Woluwe Valley
Promenade Verte, Part III


NOTE: This is part 3 of 7 in our series about the Promenade Verte, the “Green Path” around Brussels. You can find general information and links to all other parts on this page.

Start: Hof Ten Berg/Blvd de la Woluwe (buses 42, 79)

Finish: Parc Tournay-Solvay (Buses 17, 95, tram 94)

Should I walk all of it? Absolutely!

This was one of our favourite parts of the whole Promenade Verte – it’s a beauty from start to finish, whith very little grey parts in between.

The walk through the Woluwe Valley starts alongside the Woluwe river and leads through a quiet park; can you spot the windmill at the other side of the green?

If not, don’t worry; the next windmill, the Moulin the Lindekemaele, is not too far away. If you need a break and happen to be walking in your Sunday suit, there’s a posh little restaurant right here inside the windmill’s building.

Would you have guessed that the big, grey Woluwe Shopping Center is just across the street? Me neither.

The Green Path continues through Parc Malou – photo-op: Malou Castle – and on to the Parc des Sources. Now you’re on the Promenade du Chemin de Fer, literally the Railyway Path, where – you guessed it! – trains used to run. Not anymore; nowadays it’s one of the prettiest walking paths in the city.



You pass the Musée du Tram along the way and continue on the edge of Parc de Woluwe. If you’ve had enough for the day, this is a good place to stop: There are good connections with trams and buses.

The Promenade Verte continues, still following the railway tracks, all the way to the Rond-Point du Souverain. Make it across this huge roundabout and continue along small backstreets.

Passing the Hermann-Debroux Metro station – another chance to stop -, the Promenade soon reaches Parc Seny and then takes you into the Foret de Soignes. Just before you get into the woods, there is a small restaurant, just in case you need to have a (toilet) break.



Part 3 of the Promenade Verte ends at the lake on the edge of Parc Tournay-Solvay; if you don’t want to go into the parc, stop at the Avenue de la Foresterie and either take the bus or tram from here (bus 17, tram 94 down the road) or turn a corner to get to Place Fernand Wiener, where you will find restaurants, shops – and Bus 95 back to the city.