Foret des Soignes & Uccle
Promenade Verte, Part IV


NOTE: This is part 4 of 7 in our series about the Promenade Verte, the “Green Path” around Brussels. You can find general information and links to all other parts on this page.

Start: Parc Tournay-Solvay (buses 17, 95, tram 94)

Finish: Engeland (buses 43, 60, tram 51)

Should I walk all of it? Yes, please!

The Parc Tournay-Solvay is well worth a visit on its own – so come again to explore it separately, since this is just the start of this 8-kilometre-stretch on the Promenade Verte.

This part is definitively one of the greenest on the Green Path around Brussels: After Parc Tournay-Solvay you continue through the Forêt de Soignes – you will soon understand why it’s a popular destination for Brusselers who want to get out of the city.

Coming out of the forest, the path continues through a rather posh suburban area: Lots of pretty houses, lots of “protected by …”-signs – but not very many people on the streets.


The Promenade continues through a couple more woods and parcs – the Bois de Verrewinkle, the Bois de Buysdelle and the Plateau Engeland – before reaching the National Parc of Kriekenput, one of the highlights of this part.

We enjoyed this part from start to finish and were rather disappointed when we reached the finish line – but also tired enough not to start Part 5 of the Green Path straight away …

Again, a word of advice: While you can reach that start and finish of this part of the Promenade Verte quite easily by public transport, in between you won’t find many connections. So make sure you are ready to go the distance – or check in advance where and when you might catch a regional De Lijn bus on the way.