The Pajottenland
Promenade Verte, Part VI


NOTE: This is part 6 of 7 in our series about the Promenade Verte, the “Green Path” around Brussels. You can find general information and links to all other parts on this page.

Start: Erasme, Anderlecht (Metro 5)

Finish: Cimetiere de Berchem (Bus 84)

Should I walk all of it? Yes, sure.

Arriving in Erasme by Metro, you would not think what lies ahead. The area looks grey, surrounded by the huge hospital and some large office buildings. But walk for a couple of minutes, turn a corner – and things change dramatically.

First off, you will see a small castle; and soon afterwards a windmill in the distance. You will walk on the edge of a golf course and in between fields. This is one of the prettiest parts of the Promenade Verte, and if you only want to do small parts, this one between the start in Erasme and the Parc de la Pede is highly recommended. Next to the lake that dominates the parc you will also find a restaurant with a terrace that will make it pretty hard to walk past in fine weather.


But walk on you should, since it would be a shame to miss all the green and the cows that are to be seen in the green fields of Neerpede.

After all this beauty, you will be disappointed to see the not-green-at-all Westland Shopping Center appear on the horizon. Granted, it is not a pretty sight, but you don’t even have to walk through or past it, just around its south-westerly corner. If you want to stop, though, here’s the place to get on a bus (46, 75, 89) back to the city.



The Promenade continues through the Parc du Scheutbos, which – again – is very nice and green, if not quite as big as the green parts at the beginning of this route.

In the official guidebook, Part 6 ends on the side of Berchem Cemetery, but you can just as well stop a few minutes earlier and take the bus in Rue Ferdinand Elbers, just outside the Parc du Scheutbos.

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